A “Pop-up” Math Museum for Kids:

This free, family-fun event excites young minds as they interact with mathematically-themed activities, games, exhibits and performances. Perfect for all ages, Math Fair visitors experience the beauty and power of mathematics while problem-solving.

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What it is

The Math Fair, a MathMINDs initiative and brainchild of the social benefit organization and nonprofit MIND Research Institute, is about making math fun. You’ve perhaps been to a science museum, perhaps a robotics fair, maybe even a technology competition. But have you been to a Math Fair? Math is inherently exciting as it helps make sense of the world around us. We want to share the beauty of math and make it accessible to
children and families.

'Watch the 2015 Math Fair Video'
'I want to inspire a love of math in children and families.'
'We think if we are going to take math to the next level and really have a revolution on how we teach math and how people learn math, we need to get out of the classroom and into the community. -John Phelan, Executive Vice President, Capital Group Companies'

Why you should attend

At the Fair, visitors will experience math and problem solving in a way they never have before. From life-size, interactive educational video games to performing out a math problem onstage, you and your family will build not just memories, but an excitement for math and problem solving. With nearly every experience and exhibit, take-home materials will be provided so you can continue the fun after the Fair.

Why math is important

At the core of innovation, which drives progress and the workforce, is mathematics and problem solving. Not only does nearly every 21st century professional rely on math to succeed, but math is a part of our everyday life. Counting change, packing a suitcase, planning your travel route, and telling time – these all rely on proficiency in a math concept.

For more information about the Math Fair, contact us at squarerootoffun@mindresearch.org.

Here's a taste of Math Fair activities:

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South of the Sahara

Math Mystery Theater

Lazer Box

Lil’ Mathematician Zone

Game-a-thon Exhibit

Conic Connections

Meet JiJi

Plus More!

Family Math Workshops

Family Math Workshops are interactive sessions for the whole family and are held during Math Fair hours. Workshops at the 2015 Chicago Math Fair included:

  • Math Is Everywhere – helping parents and their children see everyday activities through a math lens
  • Build a Skyscraper: The Geometry of Stable Structures – a friendly competition for families to collaborate building the tallest structure using only straws, newspaper and masking tape
  • Math Homework Without Tears – sharing strategies to ensure children are well-equipped to do their homework independently, taking ownership over their own learning
  • Games, Games, and More Games – playing games that build problem-solving skills, strategic thinking and fluency with the four operations
Photo of student workshopPhoto of student workshop

For more information about the Math Fair, contact us at squarerootoffun@mindresearch.org.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Math Fair. Join us in our mission to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. Your engagement will help many students experience math in a way they never have! Click here to learn about the three ways you can help bring the Math Fair to life.


From exhibit sponsorship to advertising support, there are many sponsorship opportunities. To learn more about how to support the Math Fair and create a custom package opportunity, contact Alicia Recob, Philanthropic Partnerships Assistant, at (949) 345-8689 or arecob@mindresearch.org.

Exhibit Opportunities

Math Fair sponsors and official partner organizations may have an opportunity to present their own math experience, complete with interactive activities involving problem solving and critical thinking. All Math Fair exhibitors are encouraged to invite their employees to volunteer at the Fair, along with their friends and family.

For exhibition opportunities and information, contact Mike Limon at (949) 345-8641 or mlimon@mindresearch.org.

For more information about the Math Fair, contact us at squarerootoffun@mindresearch.org.

2015 Math Fair     2014 Math Fair

Thousands of Chicagoans experienced math through games, puzzles, theater performances, music, technology and even a bounce house on September 26 at Navy Pier. MIND Research Institute’s 2015 Math Fair: At the Square Root of Fun, was brought to Chicago in partnership with LEAP Innovations to engage children with fun yet challenging math experiences outside of the classroom. Read more.

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eSchool News
Sep 30, 2015

While others played at the beach, 4,200 children and families flocked to the first-ever Math Fair: At the Square Root of Fun on Aug. 2, a free, day-long event hosted by the MIND Research Institute at the Bren Events Center. Read more.



Photo of kids solving puzzle Photo of volunteers in front of school bus Photo of kids navigating life-sized puzzle Photo of volunteer working with child Photo of math fair competition Photo of child playing ST Math game Photo of child solving number challenge Photo of kids collaborating on project Photo of volunteer showing kids geometry puzzle Photo of child watching 3D printing Photo of young kids working with stackable blocks Photo of volunteer with kids working together

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Telemundo 52
Jul 28, 2014
OC Family
Jul 17, 2014

For more information about the Math Fair, contact us at squarerootoffun@mindresearch.org.


Icon for Big Seed

Big Seed

Icon for Formula DRT

Formula DRT

Icon for Game-a-thon


Icon for JiJi Believer

JiJi Believer

Icon for JiJi's Jamboree

JiJi's Jamboree

Icon for LazerBox


Icon for Lil' Mathematicians Zone

Lil' Mathematicians Zone

Download these workmats to practice early math concepts with your child:

1. Number Sense
2. Algebra
3. Geometry & Measurement

Icon for Locked Up

Locked Up

Icon for Magic Squares

Magic Squares

Icon for Math Midway 2 Go

Math Midway 2 Go

Icon for Math Mystery Theater

Math Mystery Theater

Icon for Math Solution Stations

Math Solution Stations

Icon for Roots of Math

Roots of Math

Icon for South of the Sahara

South of the Sahara

For more information about the Math Fair, contact us at squarerootoffun@mindresearch.org.

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